SIM Cards and Prepaid Cell Phones
How does the Phone work?
The phone works like any other conventional cell phone:

Turn it on

Enter your pin (as written on the SIM card)

Enter the number you wish to call
    Example: 1(area code)xxx-xxxx

Press the SEND button

What are the advantages of this over other prepaid-cell phones?
There are many more advantages over a traditional phone:

This prepaid phone comes preloaded with $10 of FREE airtime. If you wish to add more credit you have three convenient and safe options
    a. Visit
    b. Call our toll free number to talk to a representative: 1-888-513-8804
    c. Or simply dial 154 from the USmobile to connect with customer service.

The mobile is a Tri Band GSM. This means that it will be able to work in America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. It is ready to use by following
    the instructions on the SIM card.

A 110V charge adapter is included to charge and recharge the battery as needed.

              General Questions
Q: How much airtime is included in the SIM and Phone products?
A: All SIM/Phone products include a FREE $10 credit for airtime.

Q: Are there any monthly fees?
A: NO, these products have no contracts or maintenance fee of any kind.

Q: Do these have voicemail?
A: Yes, voicemail is included for FREE.

Q: Is there customer service?
A: Yes, any technical issues, rate inquiries, or complaints should be directed to customer service.
The number inside the USA is 1-888-513-8804

Q: Is a SIM card included with the phones?
A: Yes, each phone package ALREADY includes a SIM card inside.

Q: If a customer purchases only the SIM card, will it work on any cell phone?
A: NO, SIM cards will ONLY work inside an unlocked GSM phone. If you are not sure if your phone is unlocked, then it is safe to assume that it
    is NOT unlocked.

Q: How much does it cost to make a local call?
A: $0.09 per minute and a $.50 one-time connection

Q: How much does it cost to make an international call?
A: $0.09 per minute and a $.50 one-time connection. The US Mobile/SIM charge a flat rate of $0.09 to call over 120 different countries.
    Incoming calls also incur the same price structure of $0.09 per min plus connect.

Q: What network does the phone run on?
A: AT&T or T-Mobile. The SIM decides which of the two to use depending on which has stronger signal in that area.

Q: Are there any areas NOT covered?
A: Only areas where neither AT&T nor T-Mobile have coverage.

Q: Who pays for shipping?
A:Shipping is included for orders in the USA.

*In the United Sates and Canada you must activate US Calling prior to making a call, and enter 2 followed by the PIN when turning your phone on.

‡Rates subject to change. For current rates please click [here]

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